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Forest Folklore: Discovering Bluebells

Walking through a springtime woodland is always such a treat, but even more so when you are greeted with one of the most enchanting wild floral displays of the year when the woodland floor is carpeted with the rich purple blue of endless bluebells.

When making your way through this purple woodland wonderland it’s kind of easy to understand why superstitious people of old days gone by believed the seemingly innocent bluebell to be laced with enchantments and faery magic!

Here are a couple of those superstitions that I’ve come across while researching this wildflower:


It was said that the bells of the flower rang out to mark a faery gathering. However, nobody knows what these bells actually sound like for if any human folk were to hear them, then that would certainly be a bad piece of luck, as it was a sure sign that their days were numbered..


Take care the next time you roam the woodland as superstition states that to pick or step upon a bluebell will anger the faery folk and they will come to lead you away, never to be seen again!

Whether you believe in superstitions or not, I don’t think anybody could leave a bluebell woodland without feeling just a little bit enchanted!

And here is my Bluebell painting, now part of the Botanical collection:

This was painted last year when I lived in Aberystwyth and was lucky enough to have the beautiful Penglais Woods on my doorstep, which is filled with bluebells each year and is well worth a visit if you’re close by.

If you fancy adding a bit of bluebell enchantment to your home, you can find the print of this painting here:


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