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Forest Folklore: Discovering Wood Anemones

Spotting these delicate white flowers spread across the woodland floor like clusters of tiny fallen stars is something I always look forward to when moving into the spring months.

I have found that there is some wonderful folklore that surrounds Wood Anemones as it is all so connected to the changing weather that we face at that time of year and also gives this pretty flower it’s other name, Windflower.

Here are a few pieces of folklore connected to these woodland wildflowers:


The Ancient Greeks believed that the Wood Anemone was sent as a gift by one of the Amenoi, who were a group of Gods that controlled the Earths ever changing winds.


It was thought to be a sign of worsening weather when Wood Anemones start to bow their heads. It was even thought that once the rain started falling and the wind started blowing then faery folk would hide beneath the flower heads as protection from the weather!


A final superstition connected to Wood Anemones will warn you against picking them, as if you are tempted into collecting a few of these pretty wildflowers then you may well find yourself caught in a thunderstorm..

I do love these little flowers, in addition to their wonderful folklore they were also really lovely to paint, with their bright white flowers against rich dark forest green leaves.

If you’re looking to bring in a little botanical woodland aesthetic to you home then you can find giclée prints of the lovely Wood Anemone here:


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