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I'm Claire, an artist living and working in the rugged windswept hills of North Wales, UK.

I live in an area totally surrounded by nature, which suits me perfectly as one of my absolute favourite things to do is set off, sketchbook in hand, to explore wonderful welsh woodlands and other wild places. The process of discovering the flora and fauna which I come across, learning about how they interconnect and support each other, as well as researching the rich folklore and traditions that surround different species is so important to my artwork.

These discoveries fuel my creative process as I work in my studio on paintings inspired by the wild things that I find. I offer these paintings as professionally printed giclée art prints in my online shop for anyone who wants to add a little of the wild and wonderful into their home. 

I've also recently started a studio blog where I document my nature discoveries and creative processes which you can find here. Or if you would like to follow along with my creative journey you can sign up to my monthly studio newsletter below!

For any enquiries please feel free to contact me directly here


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