Hello there!

I’m Claire, an artist based in beautiful windswept North Wales, UK.

I create nature and wildlife paintings using decorative techniques to reflect the bountiful and beautiful, enchanting natural world. I offer my well-loved and ever-growing painting collections as art prints for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, woodland dwellers and all other folk who want to bring nature into their home and decorate their walls with a little woodland enchantment.

Where it All Began

I’ve painted all my life, but my love and passion for nature truly grew while studying art in Aberystwyth. A university town on the wild west coast of Wales where Celtic rainforests and mountainous landscapes meet the expansive Irish sea. Here I spent my time learning about nature, plants and wildlife. I researched folklore, traditions and the old stories of woodlands – all while developing a style of art which reflected the enchanting beauty that I discovered while out exploring these wild landscapes.

My Creative Process

All my paintings begin with a walk in the woods and a sketchbook in hand. Back in the studio, and with a painting in mind, I’ll first draw out the design in pencil. The sketching out process takes a good while! I like to revisit, think over and rework the design until I’m happy to start the painting. The paint I use is gouache, which is a beautiful water-based paint which creates a wonderful matte finish and lends itself so well to fine details. I use the highest quality Windsor & Newton paints to ensure the best and longest lasting finish for my paintings.

Finding Joy in Nature

I’m at home in woodlands and wild landscapes and love to discover the hidden wonders these places hold. The paintings I create celebrate the enchanting fragments of woodland life. From wrens darting through the undergrowth to a family of dormice munching on wild strawberries in the hedgerow.

Nature and Wildlife Art Prints

As well as original paintings I offer my designs as professionally printed giclée art prints in my four main collections:

The art prints I offer are all available in standard, easy to frame sizes. Ranging from A4 - perfect for gifts, gallery walls and nature inspired nooks, to A2 - which make beautiful, impactful statement wall art pieces and work wonderfully to bring nature into your living space.

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