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Inspired by Seasons: Spring Art Collection

The wonderful season of spring brings with it a renewed energy in woodlands, a shift in pace and purpose, a reawakening as the last days of winter are left behind.

At first, a slow reawakening, early wildflowers emerge from the undergrowth, buds beginning to burst, a warmer breeze greets a longer day. Then, before we know it, the energy quickens and woodlands spring into life. They become a hive of activity, from wild creatures scuffling about to bird song filling the morning air, blossom erupts on trees and bluebells carpet forest floors in enchanting displays.

Exploring the woodland at this time of year opens up so much inspiration and possibility, and I often get that feeling of renewed energy when working in the studio. Over the last year or so I've started to build up a collection of spring inspired artwork, painting the wildflowers, birds, buds and blossom that can be discovered in woodlands throughout this wonderful season.


Below is my current collection of paintings inspired by spring - and this is also a shoppable gallery! Each piece is available as an art print, so if you find one you might be interested in just click on the image to see more.

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